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Firing On All Cylinders – Final Episode

Don’t Look Now But Here Comes IT Again!

No matter how important each of us thinks we are, how irreplaceable (that’s a lie!), there is one group that truly is heads above the rest of us—the all-knowing magicians of the IT department (everyone does know this means Information Technology, right?). This department will always be a step or ten ahead of the rest of us because they deal with, manipulate, repair, and control our computing lives at work—that is to say, they pretty much own us! IT has its fingers on the infrastructure of the company and ensures it is firing on all cylinders by actually working 24-7, being up to date, security conscious, supportive, and efficient. Oh, it also helps if they can communicate with others in language we commoners cannot actually understand.

Clearly, in the 21st century it is IMPOSSIBLE to live without some electronic device in our daily lives (or at least this is of what we have convinced ourselves). Well, in business, it is the foolish company that hasn’t figured this out. Businesses are wired up to their eyeballs, like it or not. This is advantageous for business but also can prove to be one’s worst nightmare (just ask Hillary Clinton about Wikileaks!). Therefore, it is a really good idea to figure out what little treats your IT people enjoy just so they know how much they’re valued (never hurts to grease a few palms).

So why exactly are they so important? Well, if there is to be any internal/ external communication about company business (c’mon now), there needs to be infrastructure in place that will allow this to happen—and, like instantly, right? Technology, people, technology, whether or not we like it. You walk into a company and what do you see almost before you see a human- a computer. Depending on the size of the company, likely there will be more tech stuff than anybody really wants. And do you think that nothing ever breaks? Hahaha! Does anything ever last past warranty? So who fixes the computer at your desk if not the IT person. Once you’ve screamed at it, unplugged it and counted to 10 (don’t think you need to do that anymore btw), you just sit there helplessly when, suddenly, after three calls and a nervous breakdown, the hero of the hour swoops in and sorts it all out. Imagine if this person weren’t available. Hey! We’ve all seen examples of companies going down for hours or days and being paralyzed by the inability to function. Eek!

That leads us to the next point which is security. This is, perhaps, the most significant aspect of a functioning IT system and the people responsible for it. If you have sensitive material anywhere that you don’t want broadcast around the globe- and that means even personnel files- the security has to be up to date and top notch … and even then, it might simply not be enough. Hacking has become such a sport these days that this HAS to be the top priority. Malware and evil doers are around every corner so take all precautions that your IT people recommend.

Additionally, a company’s IT department needs to be efficient and think about getting the most bang for the buck. Not every company can afford the best equipment on the market but really talented and capable IT people can get creative and come up with innovative solutions that ensure excellent security, efficiency, and support for the staff. Obviously, you can’t have tech that is so outdated that it starts to practically decompose- there can be a happy middle ground though. No one has to suffer missing letters on a keyboard!

IT really does make the world go round and, honestly, it’s scary to think how much information is speeding along that highway in the sky (and how much of that information is yours). So, although every department in a business is important, there are likely none that can get along without technology. The trick is to get technology working for the company and not being at its mercy. Perhaps this does make IT the department that does bind everyone together. For sure, without IT no company is firing on all cylinders—lucky if they’d be firing on two! SO, help yourself and thank your IT people daily, please.