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How Baron Construction helps dump truck owners?

The common 30-90 day payment schedule can often create cash flow stress for growing companies needing immediate funding for fuel, truck maintenance, permits, or other expenses. We provide you with the needed cash the same day you complete an order. You do not go into debt and, as a result, your company is able to grow more quickly.

How does Baron Construction Work?

How does baron construction work?

Benefits of working with Baron Construction

Fast access to cash

You get paid for your jobs the same day.

Constant cash flow

You can grow your business without any debt.

Stress-free operations

You do not need to wait on your jobs to be paid.

Credit history is not required

Strong financial and credit history is not required. We look at your payers and their ability to pay.

More work orders

Opportunity to receive work orders from our dispatch at no extra fee.

What our Customers say about us