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What is Equipment and Machinery Financing?

Equipment and Machinery Financing is used by businesses to purchase virtually any type of business equipment. The amount of the loan, as well as its terms, depends on the type and condition of the equipment. The equipment is the security for the loan and is the collateral. One of the main benefits of Equipment and Machinery financing is that the business owns the equipment after paying off the loan. Since approval time for such a loan is less than for a traditional bank loan, companies have the flexibility to respond quickly to business growth and development.

Quick & Easy

We know how important it is to get funding quickly to purchase required equipment on time and respond to the technological changes within your industry. That is why your credit application will be evaluated in a timely manner, resulting in a quick decision. Equipment Financing enables your business to acquire more and better equipment than you could without financing.

Customized Solutions

At Baron Finance we customize every financing solution to match your specific requirements, budget and tax objectives. Equipment Financing allows you to hold onto your cash and working capital for use it in other areas of your business, like expansion, marketing or research and development. You can also set customized payments to match your cash flow, even if it’s seasonal, without affecting your normal operation.

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