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How Invoice Factoring can help Manufacturers 

Invoice factoring allows manufacturing companies nationwide and abroad to improve their cash flow and efficiently address financial challenges. One of the main benefits Invoice Factoring provides to Manufacturers is the ongoing access to working capital. At Baron Finance, we realize that any manufacturer can face difficulties in purchasing supplies when payments take weeks or months to arrive. Getting funds from a traditional bank is a time-consuming endeavor these days, particularly if manufacturers require immediate access to funds. We understand all the challenges of the manufacturing industry and we help our customers avoid any difficulties with cash flow. 

Accounts Receivable Management 

Baron Finance provides real time online monitoring of your account thus also making available reports on all transactions. You can log into your account any time to stay up-to-date with older reports or collection reports and you are able to print them for accounting purposes. We also have a team of friendly and professional callers who issue reminders about any upcoming payments on your account.



Your company size and current financial situation do not play a critical role in obtaining Invoice Factoring approval. Each case is different and we tailor our Invoice Factoring service to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our goal is to help you solve your financing problems and provide you with a steady source of working capital, so you can pay down any existing debts and grow the business.

Cost Control

Invoice factoring gives you the utmost control over your operating costs. You decide how many invoices to submit, as well as how often. Knowing best the payment patterns of your customers, you submit invoices at the optimal time to keep your costs low. We also verify the reliability of all your clients. Having confidence in the credit worthiness of your payer minimizes the risk of incurring bad debt.

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