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How Invoice Factoring helps Oil Field Service Companies

New technologies have allowed the Canadian Oil and Gas industry to increase production levels and gross high profit margins. Meanwhile, high production levels and intense competition have resulted in downward oil and gas prices. As a result, many oil and gas companies now require an increasingly large amount of funding in order to remain competitive and even viable. Baron Finance has been offering oil, gas and energy companies an alternative to traditional bank financing. We provide a variety of solutions for business development and growth.

Administrative Support

Along with Invoice Factoring, we offer a full range of support  solutions to Oil and Gas Industry companies at no charge. You get access to credit reports, collections, online reporting and more, thereby allowing you to place more focus on building your clientele and completing your projects. We also ensure you are working with trustworthy and reliable customers.

Consistent Cash Flow

Invoice Factoring can be beneficial for the oil and gas industry  in numerous ways. Daily Invoice Factoring provides a stable cash flow which can be relied on for paying wages, for use in research and development, for updating permits or maintaining equipment. 

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